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Wuhan, Covid-19 and its function for the Chinese economy

The city of Wuhan in China has indeed been trending since a few days ago when the Corona virus attack shocked the world. It is alleged that the city, which has almost the same area as the city of London, became the center where the Corona virus began to spread. Apart from the Corona attack, the city of Wuhan itself has a central role for China as one of the largest trade and tourist cities in China.

Facts About Wuhan

This industrial center city in China has a variety of interesting facts that you really need to know, some of these facts include:

Wuhan is a Trade City

wuhan adalah kota perdagangan

Although this city is known as one of the cities that caused the Corona virus to spread widely in China to several countries. But so far Wuhan is known as a famous trading city in China. This is in line with the development of the wet market in the area, which is a location for selling lots of fresh meat.

Who would have thought that at this time the wet market was even known as the center of the source of the Corona virus attack. This virus is known to infect humans through the intermediary of several animals. The Corona virus will immediately attack when consumed directly without being processed or processed in the wrong way.

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The role of Wuhan in China

peran wuhan di china

This one city needs to be recognized as having a very complex role in China, apart from being the largest city. Industry in this city is also growing very rapidly so that it becomes a city with an average population in affluent conditions. Progress in the industrial sector has made this city a destination for many people from various countries to try their luck.

Even though it is currently a city with a very strict isolation status by the Chinese government, in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the splendor and role of this city cannot be ignored. It is not only a place to earn a living but also a quality education at the first-class university it has.

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